What type of device will my child be able to bring the College ?
Students can bring a wide range of devices to the College provided they meet the minimum specifications. These specifications will ensure that all devices will be able access the College WiFi and undertake all of the necessary functions needed in the classroom.
Student Loan Device Form
Please click here to download the Student Loan Device Agreement (pdf). This form must be completed and returned to the College in the event of a student requiring the use of a MyTech loan device.
Minimum requirements for BYOD devices

This page can be downloaded as a PDF so you can print it out

Minimum Screen size 10.8 inch
Windows / Mac laptop Minimum Memory / RAM 8 GB
Windows / Mac Hard disk Minimum Storage 120 GB
Minimum Screen resolution 1024 x 768
Connectivity Wifi: 802.11 G, N or AC.
Ports: at least 1 x USB Type A (or adapter to suit)
Audio/Video Headphone and Microphone Ports (or adapter to suit)
Mobile data connectivity If the device has a sim card slot, the SIM card must be removed. Whilst at the College, only networks provided by the College are to be used
Keyboard Full QWERTY Keyboard suitable for touch-typing
Battery Minimum expected Battery Life of 6 hours
Operating System The device should be running currently supported version of Microsoft Windows or Apple macOS. Limited versions of Windows such as Windows RT or Windows S mode are not suitable
Bag / Case An appropriate, robust carry case to suit the shape/size of the device
Examples of devices that are NOT suitable
A Smartphone of any kind
Older laptop running an unsupported version of Windows or Mac OSX
Android or iPad tablet
Windows Surface RT (any version, but Surface Pro's are ok)
Any older device that doesn't meet the minimum requirements
Any Device with less than 6 hours battery life
Examples of devices that ARE suitable
A Windows laptop running a currently supported version of Windows (i.e HP, Acer, Asus, Dell, Toshiba etc)
Apple Macbook / Air / Pro laptop running a currently supported version of Mac OSX (updates are free)
Microsoft Surface Pro
If students already have a device that meets the minimum specifications, then there is no need to purchase another device