Recommended software for use on your device
Students need to have software that will allow them to access, view, and create documents and undertake various other learning tasks. All the necessary software is detailed below and is available free to educational students.
Links to download the software are in the following table:

Internet Browser - Google Chrome Download Here
PDF Reader for Windows 10 - Adobe Acrobat Download Here
PDF Reader for MAC 10.11 - 10.12 - Adobe Acrobat Download Here
Productivity Software - Microsoft Office - Access via student cloud site (need to log in)

Every student will need to have software or applications that allow them to complete basic tasks such as word processing, graphing and creating presentations. Students can use either Microsoft Office 365 or Google apps to do this. The College will provide each student with a Microsoft Account which will allow students to download Microsoft Office 365 for free. The Google apps suite of productivity software is web based and can be used on any device.
A pdf showing you how to access your Office 365 account can be downloaded Here

Productivity Software - Google Apps / Gmail Here
Audio / Video Software - VLC Player

A suitable audio and video application will be required. Due to the wide range of video types which exist, we strongly recommend that the free program VLC Player is installed in addition to those already installed on the device (eg QuickTime, Microsoft Media Player) as it can open and view many different forms of video.

Anti-Virus Software

Up-to-date Anti-Virus Software is a "must have" to keep your child's own files and other students' files safe.

Maths Software - Geogebra Classic for Windows & Mac

Follow the link to download the required version of Geogebra classic from the Geogebra website

Geogebra website
Music Software - for Windows & Mac

Follow the link to download the required music software- Musescore & LMMS

TAS Software - for Windows & Mac

Follow the link to download the required TAS software - SketchUp Make

SketchUp is now cloud-based and part of a student's College google account- no download required
HSIE Software - for Windows & Mac

Follow the link to download the required HSIE software

Google Earth
NAPLAN Locked Down Browser - for Windows & Mac

Please click the link that corresponds to your computer's operating system

Windows 7
Windows 8 - 10
Mac: MacOS 10.9 and above
Request Adobe Creative Cloud Installation

Senior students with a 64bit Windows device can request installation of Adobe CC products by completing this form

Request form (.pdf)